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Extend your education overseas by taking courses at the Texas Tech Center in Seville, Spain or studying abroad in one of more than 80 locations worldwide. Studying abroad will make you more competitive in almost any field, and when applying for graduate, medical or law school. We can send you almost anywhere in the world you want to go.


One of the things that Texas Tech really wants to emphasize and encourage our students to do is actually study abroad. We want our students to really bear our banners far and wide, and to share what they've learned at Texas Tech, but also to bring back to Texas Tech the incredible opportunities and the incredible innovations that the rest of the world can offer us.

We have three, really main ways you can get involved with study abroad. We have our faculty-led programs which is where faculty actually leads their students abroad to different places, and those go all across the world. We also have our exchange program where you can go abroad, alone, and exchange with another university. And then we also have our center in Seville, Spain.

We have about 57 countries where Texas Tech students can go abroad. But every day, we monitor the global situation because for us, criteria number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and on, is the safety and security of the students who are participating.

One of my most favorite moments from study abroad is we actually do a midnight tour of the Colosseum. And I tell my students that it is not enough for them just to look at it, just to witness it, just to admire it. The reason why the Colosseum still stands is because it's a challenge, it's a charge. What are you going to leave behind? Millennia later, what is your legacy going to be? That's the beauty of studying abroad.