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Participate in challenging, cutting-edge research every year even as an undergraduate. If you’re interested in a STEM field, you can work with the Center for the Integration for Innovation and Research. Honors Students from any field of study can become an undergraduate research scholar. Both programs offer pay along with meaningful research experience. You can also earn course-credit with major-specific research opportunities with your academic college.


Because we are a Carnegie Tier 1 institution for research, there are so many different areas of research, and so many different resources that go into research here at Texas Tech.

Having undergraduates start their research careers their freshman year, their sophomore year, their junior year, continuing on through their senior year, means that they are not just learning from the classroom. They're actually learning hands on.

So I have friends that are only freshmen in college, but they're working over at the Health Science Center, working with synapses and neurons and, like, truly diving into neuro research. I also have engineering friends that are particularly interested in catastrophic events. And they're working on the effects of tornadoes, so basically hurling two-by-fours at high speeds at different objects and just seeing what happens.

We have students who are working on football safety. They've created new types of equipment in order to protect students from head and neck injury. We have dancers who are coordinating kind of new types of movement, new types of expression, new types of communication. We have chemists working with artists trying to look at the idea of art restoration and pigments. Research really moves beyond the bounds of our traditional disciplines into interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary collaborative work.

The misconception is that you'll just be a nerd in a laboratory collecting data. But the reality is that, regardless of what kind of research you do, you're finding yourself in that.