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As a transfer student, you’ll find many academic and support services designed specifically to meet your needs. From pre-transfer advising to a generous scholarship program, you’ll find incredible opportunities to continue your education here. Create connections with fellow Red Raiders by joining the Transfer Connection, which is a collection of programs and services for transfer students.


The experience in transferring here was easy. It is straightforward. If you have a question, there's somebody here who's willing to answer it for you. All my credits transferred, which was surprising. But it was really nice because having that smooth transition and not having to repeat classes was definitely a positive way to get things started.

I know that there's assured scholarships for transfer students. So based on qualifications of GPA and courses transferred, transfer students have that pretty well laid out in the transfer viewbook. And they make it pretty easy to see the qualifications for transfer scholarships.

On the first week, they have the welcome week. There's all these like transfer events that other transfers come to. And the ability to relate to other transfers is a kind of a calming thing.

I was just advised to dive straight into anything I was passionate about to my major. And in doing that, I got involved in plenty of student organizations and different clubs that kind of got me to where I am today.

I decided to become a transfer ambassador because I had such a good experience transferring here. And to know that I could, you know, helped somebody's transition be smooth as possible, that's really a satisfying feeling.