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Known by Texas Tech students as “The Rec,” the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center has one of the largest intramural programs in the country and the largest rock-climbing wall in the Big 12. Students of all skill levels participate in sports clubs and intramural teams. Hang out at the Student Leisure Pool with your friends where you can float the 645 ft. lazy river, the longest on any college campus. The Outdoor Pursuits Center offers adventure trips and equipment rental for the area’s many activities from snowboarding to camping.


Social interaction is everything we do here at the Rec Center. Interaction happens at intramural games. It happens at fitness classes, in the weight rooms. It's a great place to come and either hang out with your friends or meet new friends.

So the Rec Center is actually included in your tuition. You just swipe your ID. We have a outdoor leisure area, so during finals, time to go lay in the lazy river. You've got basketball courts, volleyball courts. My favorite's the sand volleyball courts. And then you've got cardio, weight room, CrossFit areas, outdoor areas. Really, it's the full works.

So we have intramural sports like football, softball. We've got lots of different options for students if they want to be active and do what they love to do. The Outdoor Pursuits Center is a gym at the Rec Center. From outdoor trips to the Grand Canyon, the day hikes the Caprock Canyon and anywhere in West Texas, Outdoor Pursuits take students outside of their normal shell and takes them out into the country.

They do a lot of outdoor trips, like they do hiking trips to Caprock Canyon. And they do intro to kayaking trips as well.

The Outdoor Pursuits Center has a bike shop that's year-round. There's also bikes available to rent throughout the year, too.

Oh, I always go to the Recs. I use the lazy river. That's my favorite part.