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With 19 residence halls and an abundance of dining options, you’ll quickly discover the many advantages of living on campus, a requirement for entering freshmen with under 30 hours of college credit. Apply early to get your first choice in residence hall. Residents get a choice of campus dining plans and may eat in any campus dining outlet. You’ll always be close to your next meal.


Learning communities are essentially just special sections of the dorms that are only for specific majors, just to kind of give them the opportunity to meet each other, kind of like tutor each other. It's a really good opportunity if you're struggling with your major. It's really easy to kind of reach out for help.

There's two different style of residence halls. There's the traditional style, which is basically where you have a roommate. You have the community-style bathrooms. But then we also have the suite style, which is you get your own room. You share a bathroom with one other person.

So every residence hall has their own dining facility. Some of my personal favorites would be The Market at Stangel/Murdough or The Commons at Talkington Hall. And most of them are going to be buffet style. And a lot of them have different restaurants in them like Fazoli's, and Sbarros, and different grills. And there's also this food truck that goes around campus, and it just circles around, and they have really good food in it.

So first-year students are required to live on campus. That way you can get integrated and kind of find your niche and meet your kind of people that you'll be studying with for the rest of your college career.

That's part of the reason why I studied as hard as I did was because when you have a study room right next to your dorm room, it's really easy just to go down the hall and study. It's really easy to meet up with people to study with when the library is right down the street. It's really easy to eat on campus because there's a dining hall in your residence hall. And it just makes overall living and enjoying your freshman year experience just a whole lot better.