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If you’re looking for a place to get involved, find comfort and make new connections, Texas Tech is without a doubt the place for all of this and so much more. In addition to a variety of cultural, ethnic and international organization events, the Student Activities Board and the Center for Campus Life  coordinate pre-game concerts during football games, film series, community service projects and a variety of performing arts programs. You’ll also enjoy campus art galleries, museums, the School of Music and the School of Theater and Dance performances.


The university keeps me involved as a student by providing over 500 different organizations on campus. And as your own individual, you can really find your specific organization that you're going to fit in. TAB, which stands for Tech Activities Board, provides free movie nights. They provide free games on campus for students.

They're also in charge of Arbor Day. And so they do events like that here on campus as well, just to promote student life. I am a member of President Select, which is the ambassadors for campus. We give tours. We get to represent the university, do cool things like that.

I'm also an executive member of my sorority. I'm involved in Mortar Board, which is the top 50 seniors on campus. And I'm also hoping to get involved in undergraduate research in the future as well.

Being involved in different areas of campus allows you to meet different types of people. And so that really allows you to grow your friendships in different ways than you thought you could grow them. And so definitely the people, I think, is the number one main thing about getting involved. You just get to meet so many cool people and make those connections that are going to help you not only here in college, but also later on in life, too.