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A vibrant and bustling city, Lubbock is one of the greatest college towns in the nation. The beautiful Texas Tech campus, the vibrant art and culture scene, and the classic West Texas hospitality make Lubbock feel like home from the first moment you visit. You will find your own favorite hangout, form a new family of friends and make great memories, all in a place that feels safe and comfortable.


I think Lubbock is a great college town because it's not too big, and it's also not a small town. And you have that big city feel here. You can go out to dinner at all these great new restaurants. But you're also not stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.

My favorite things to do in Lubbock kind of range on a spectrum. I really like the live music scene. First Friday Art Trail is also really cool. Tech students' actually artwork is displayed.

We're not too far from New Mexico and Ruidoso and all those great places, but we're also not too far from Dallas, where we can go and see a big city.

I like going outdoors. I like hiking. So they have Caprock Canyon, which is about an hour and a half away, and then Palo Duro, which is closer to two hours away. And then you can also go to New Mexico, and you can go to the White Sands or you can go to the Guadalupe Mountains or you go to Carlsbad Caverns. So if you're like a nature enthusiast or if you like to go back to the cities, you can get to either one of them from Lubbock.

I think it's a huge advantage to have students that are from everywhere. You get a lot of different point of views. You get to learn a lot about the country, and even the world, in some cases. And so it's a really great learning experience to really have yourself immersed in a diverse culture like Lubbock and Texas Tech offer.

The vibe of the people here in Lubbock is what makes Lubbock a great college town. Everybody wants somebody to succeed. Everybody wants to be neighborly. Everybody wants to be friendly. So I think, as a college student, the first time you're away from your parents, this is a great community to kind of build yourself and find who you are while you're in college.