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To make sure you get the most from your college investment, we offer options to help along the way including a generous merit scholarship program, competitive-based scholarships and participation in federal and state financial aid programs. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships is here to help make your college experience an affordable one.


Good value and affordability is really what brought my family here and what encouraged me to go here as well. So when you apply for a scholarship you're going to apply initially for Texas Tech, and then it will prompt you to go and apply for scholarships as well. And that will send your application to all different departments and different levels of scholarships for that first year. And then you can reapply for different scholarships as you go through your four years here, and you can do college-level scholarships or university-level scholarship as well.

They gave me a good scholarship, so then I wasn't such a burden on my family, and then they worked with me to make sure that I can continue to afford to be here.

Texas Tech has recently been ranked nationally, as far as affordability is concerned, and we have also been recognized for a great return on your investment.

We tell students all the time and that everybody in your degree plan is going to take the same classes. You're going to take the same math, the same science. What you really need to concentrate on is who you are, and how you invest your time here.

While you're on campus, you're going to need to be involved. Get to know your professors, study abroad, reach out and do internships. Invest yourself into the university and that will increase your return on your investment.