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You are here to learn and grow. With more than 150 academic programs in ten colleges, the learning opportunities are endless. Enhance what you learn by participating in undergraduate research. Challenge yourself by becoming part of the Honors College. Embrace your inner explorer by being a study abroad student. Satisfy your desire to engage in the community with service learning. Learning and personal growth happen in many different ways, and at Texas Tech you can create your own unique educational experience.

So I think that the really great thing about the academics here at Tech is that there's such a broad range of academics. In my experience, being a classics major but also on the pre-med track, I can get involved in two very different programs and still get an awesome academic experience. Honestly, professors can either make or break a class for you, and so having a really awesome faculty only adds to the experience.

They sit down with you, they really want to get to know you personally, and they want to make sure that you're going to be going on the right path for your future.

Our job is to find out what makes them passionate. Our job is to find out what they are most curious about. And our job is to help them in the labs, in the archives, and the libraries figure out how they're going to reach their goals, how they're going to move to the next level.

Tech is one of the few schools not only in Texas, but also in the country, to have a law school, a medical school, an undergraduate program, and a graduate program on the same continuous campus. And so that kind of shows all of our areas of academic expertise.

My number one reason why I came to Texas Tech was because of academics. I wanted to create a future for myself, and I knew Texas Tech was going to be the right place for me.